How do I cancel?
Send an email to with the full name used in the subscriber's account. A Sunnies representative will unsubscribe you within 2 business days and send confirmation.

Do I get to pick a different pair?
You will receive an email a week before your next pair of sunglasses ships out. You can then choose to receive the same pair or switch to another.

Can I get more than one pair?
For your first order, you can only purchase one pair of sunglasses. After your first pair, you can edit your settings in the Sunnies dashboard to receive additional pairs of sunglasses.


Are the sunglasses polarized?
By default, our sunglasses are UV/UVB protected. You can upgrade to polarized sunglasses at checkout for a premium price.

Do you offer more frame styles?
We're in the process of adding new styles! In the meantime we'd love to know what frames you are interested in. Please email us your suggestions at with the subject line "New Sunnies Styles".

How do I pick a different style?
A week before your next pair of sunglasses ships out, you can login to your account and select a new color. You can update your settings at any time; you don't need to wait for the email. If you don't update your settings, you will receive the same pair you previously received. If that pair is out of stock, you will be randomly selected a pair by our Sunnies wizards...


Can I skip a delivery?
Yes. Send an email to with the full name used in the subscriber's account with the subject line "Skip Subscription Cycle". Allow the Sunnies team 1-2 business days to process this request. We will send you a confirmation email when it's in our system.

Do I have to send them back?
Nope! Every pair of sunglasses is yours to keep.

Do you offer free shipping and free returns?
Yes. There is always free ground shipping and returns!

How long does it take to ship?
Currently we offer free ground shipping with an estimated delivery time of 2-4 days.